Send Your Files


Avoid Common Problems

Avoid Common ProblemsThere are a few things to know before sending files to Welch, or to anyone, over the Internet.

First, the computers that handle your files and finally receive them may not be running the same operating system as you. When you send a file across the internet, it may travel through servers that run various flavors of Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows Server. Because of this, a file or folder that works perfectly on your computer may have its eggs scrambled on its way to its destination.

Second, because of the many operating systems used on the internet, your file names may not work. A file name that works just fine on your computer may cause the destination computer to reject it, or worse, accept it then hide it from view.

To avoid these issues, follow these tips:

  • Zip it. Every computer on the Internet knows what a .zip file is. Because of this, .zip files rarely get corrupted or lost. So, even if you are sending just one file, zip it. Here is how to zip files on Macintosh and Windows for free. (Note that zipped files have the side benefit of transferring faster due to their smaller size.)
  • Keep your file names simple. Operating systems use certain characters and naming conventions for files just for their own internal use, and have limits on the file name and total path name length. Because of this, try to keep filenames brief, and don’t use these characters: /, ?,, \, :, *, |, and ”. Also, don’t use spaces or periods (.) at the beginning or end of a file name. For a complete rundown on the do’s and don’ts of file names, read this article.

Send Files with a Browser

WPC FTPKnow how to use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail? Then you pretty much know how to use our browser-based managed file transfer system, It’s like email with file attachment sizes of up to 2gb per file! To use it, you will need to contact your Customer Service Representative for a username and password. Click here to see our video on zipping and uploading a folder of art to our browser-based managed file transfer system.