What We Do

Why Welch?

We jump higher. Many printing companies outsource a lot of their work to others. What is supposedly being done by them is being done by different vendors, who may or may not think of you as an important client. At Welch, however, we do many of those tasks in-house. Foiling, embossing, custom die-cutting, variable-data printing, digital printing, cd/dvd duplication, custom bindery… we do it in-house because we care about the quality and speed of our work, and about your satisfaction.

We don’t want your business just for today. We want to build a relationship that extends into the future. And to us, that means jumping higher.

Why Print?

Being noticed. That is the problem. In a world filled with websites, how do you get people to look at yours? How can you get above the noise, and show why your products and services are the best?

Printing Services

Welch is a full-service commercial printer. What this means is that we can print just about anything on pretty much everything. Click here for a PDF of common dies¬†of the projects we can handle. If you don’t see what you want there, don’t worry. Just call us and ask.

Digital Printing and VDP

Printing companies are great for making many copies of something. But what if you wanted just one? Or just one for each of your customers? With a custom coupon on it?

With digital printing, and variable-data printing (VDP), you can get your wish. We can print that one mockup you need for the sales meeting, or those 30 brochures you need for your new clients. We can even take your design and your data and turn them into individually targeted printed pieces that will let your customers know how much you care. Nearly everything in a design can be customized to your desires. Talk to one of our sales staff and they will be happy to help.

CD/DVD Duplication

Got a lot of data to send out to the sales force? Have vital information you need to disseminate throughout the company but don’t want online? Have a training video, or selling a video as a product and need to make them as orders come in? Welch’s CD/DVD duplication services can get you fully printed CDs and DVDs in practically any quantity you would like.

Web Storefronts

Got a large business? Got a lot of vendors? Need lots of custom printing and other purchasing done but are being eaten alive in service and logistics costs? A web storefront may be what you need. We can take a lot of the things your business buys for itself piecemeal and unify them into one online purchasing solution the whole company can access. Order custom business cards online just by filling out a form. Purchase items from multiple vendors with the same P.O. Best part? Welch handles the fulfillment, and all those millions of nickels and dimes you are currently losing go back in your pocket.

Equipment List

Know what you are looking for in a printer? Here is our latest equipment list.

Welch Printing Equipment List